What I’ve learned in 4th Grade

This year I’ve learned a lot of things like long division, multiplication , and I’ve learned how to use a calculator , that is the best part.I also learned lots more I learned time like how to tell time, and how to use a protractor. They are really fun to use they look like a half circle. The company that makes protractors can make big, medium, and small protractors. They are really cool. The small ones are made of metal, the medium ones are made of plastic, and the big ones are made of wood. In my teachers room I get to weight a lot of things like objects in the room.It is really fun.I also learned angles like right angles, obtuse angles, and acute angles and lots of other angles. My favorite angle is all of them I can’t choose. The right angle is 90 degrees and the obtuse is how it is turned and so is the acute angle.That is what I learned this year.

Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis

Hi my name is Dwarf red plains Coreopsis.
I grow throughout much of North America.
I grow to 1 through 2 feet tall.
I grow in April through August.
I prefer to be in the full sun and in various soils.
I’m exellent for soggy areas.
My scientific name is Coreopsis tinctoria.
When I bloom I’m mahogany red.
I got my information from TAMU wildflowers in bloom.

Row your site

Did you know a Bain Coral gets its name because it looks like a humans brain.

Hard coral polyps form a brain coral.

When a coral polyp dies, it leaves behind a skeleton.

A brain coral polyp is tiny animal about the size of a pencil top eraser.

The info was found at www.facts4me.com.

A Rainbow is as…

 A  Rainbow is as..

red as a dog named Clifford who is big.

orange as a cat named  Garfield who is mean to the dog odie.

yellow as a sun that is very bright.

green as money that gets thrown up in the air.

blue as the sky with the  clouds.

purple as a plmp that’s ripe.